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Brain Wall-A Funny Japanese Show (20th anniversary)

kageyasha12 asked:

Lets have a break and lets have some Game show action from japan! Thanks guys so much on the 50k and more views really appreciate it! say, lets try to get to 100k huh? Best comment so far: 俺にわ無理だ~!! It’s impossible for meeeee~!! by sonicblade12

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25 Comments on Brain Wall-A Funny Japanese Show (20th anniversary)

  1. ._.,i cant tell…,the title is japanese,but the first brain wash in the video seems to have korean words ._.

  2. HAHA wow that second breakdancing one.. he almost got to the other side! Who is the girl by the way?

  3. @MW2adhd
    its Japanese you dumbfuck they were just using Korean characters for the challenge at 0.17

  4. exactly thats why we love japan :D. they are makin it much more fun =). even the swedish version sucks. its a disgrace

  5. Thats why its funny, even though they’re acting stupid its based on what you think on how to get through… the american one is just plain too stupid and hard they dont even give a simple easy as much as they give a hard one thats why the original is much more fun

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