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Funny Japanese Airport Security

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  1. @destroychineseempire Thank you very much for your kind words.I know people of any country don’t want to here the bad things there own government has done but facts are facts and truth is truth.I’m not sure about the U.S. going into complete destruction however.Dear God I hope not.Can you please send to my personel inbox so we can talk with out flooding this persons vidio page?

  2. @USAdude30 , you are truly my mate. I have talked with some US persons but I did not have any of them capable of being called sincere. There may be complete destruction in the US in the near future, but I truly pray and hope that sincere persons like you would be able to survive the coming flood.

  3. @destroychineseempire That is awsome.I just read your historical info. on your home page.Man you know your U.S., Japanese and Chinese history very well indeed.I really enjoyed that and you are right on the money brother.I say that as an American.Truth is always still truth no matter what and the facts you talked about are 100% true all the way.

  4. @USAdude30 , yea really. One was a hotel man who found my purse and phoned me. The other was a company worker who sent my purse to police, where I received it.

  5. @destroychineseempire Really! It sounds like we both have a big respect for Japanese people now.Have a great one:-)


    That’s actually a game over there but here is sexual harassment

  7. @loveyoufolks True story.Japan is not only very safe.I lost my wallet with $2,000 in a taxi back seat.To make a long story short.The taxi man went to 4 differant hotels trying to return my wallet i.d.. and money.He finally found me and when I offered him $200.00 for returning it and a BIG sincere thank you the Japanese taxi man would not except it.He said it was his honer to return it.My God talk about honesty and honer.Japan is the best!

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