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Funny Japanese Class

SakuraGako asked:

Funny Japanese English Class

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  1. ahahah i took me like *count on my fingers* Like i was 12 to learn english that i at least understand a little, now its my best subject in school so maybe i should not laugh and think they get better in the future? xP But its so fun ahahahah xP
    (Im swedish by the way)

  2. 文法の違いは。。メチャクチャ。。。 バカだ!!! LMAO LOLZ xD if i’m him, I will laugh till dead!!

  3. The show is “Hello! Morning” (a.k.a. “HaroMoni”) from June 2005.

    All of the girls together are the Japanese idol group Morning Musume.

    The girl in pink, on the far left, is Rika Ishikawa.

    The girl in yellow, in the middle, is Eri Kamei.

    The man is Thane Camus.

  4. wow i like they ladies voice !! amazing!!!!!!
    and most of them are so cute =D i like chines and japanes

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