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Funny Japanese drama

leeherman682 asked:

Japanese pretty stars performing funny drama series

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  1. lol she wants big breast XD….and I didn’t no there was a train for women only…cuz ya know the get touched on trains and buses by some pervs XD

  2. @Nehongoga Yes, he is and he pretty much said “You shouldn’t be here” or something like that, lol.

  3. @ChickWithGoldenEyes thats what we called ignorance people who doesnt know anything about others ne~

  4. Im american but i love both Japan and korea….people shouldnt judge other people especially based on where they are from or their culture and beliefs. I hate narrow minded assholes

  5. japan is so much better than korea.korea made crappy and cheap phones. japan is very advanced and people there are good

  6. c’om don’t leave us hanging! what is the name of this drama plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I’m dieing here

  7. i am korean. and i SOOOO DO NOTT think that…. Korea is pretty awsome but i think japan is pretty cool to. actually i wanna be japanese. Dont get to full of yourself.

  8. @drahn1275
    if japan sucks so much, then why do some korean artists sing japanese songs?? 😛 you have no right to judge people like that. if you like korea then visit korean videos!! di ung nagkakalat ka dito!! 😛

  9. so immature~
    then why are u spend ur time at here than at some random videos from korea…bullshit

  10. I will tell you why Japan is a shit country with shit people.
    if you want to know. visit my homepage and ask me trough e-mail.
    Korea rule !!!! go Korea !

  11. I don’t know about Japanese but in Chinese wall girl means flat chested.. Which makes sense in this case LOL

  12. why is it named “mountain girl and wall girl”, is there any deeper implication in japanese of these two words, andy puns or cultural references?

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