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funny Japanese frank

ktdhl asked:

Japanese frank

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  1. Lol at the dude with the jacket.
    Jacket dude: “Hey look what happened to my jacket, damn it.”
    His pal: “Calm down, look, it opens like this.”
    Jacket dude: “It does what now?!!!”

  2. with the guy jumping out the floor, I would have waited till they walked right over then snuck up behind them.

  3. oh my god – if that was me I would’ve given the guy a left hook. Then apologize profusely for it!!!!!!!

  4. why is it that japanese ppl have the greatest sense of humor. hispanics would beat ur ass. americans will sue or even kill u. ugh, ppl here are stupid

  5. They have awesome senses of humor. In america, some one would be angry or not get it. In latin America, they would kick your ass, trust me, i’ve seen the video

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