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funny japanese game show – soccer withe binoculars

shazam298 asked:

funny game show where people play soccer with binoculars on so they cick to early

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  1. also some pre-columbian native americans had a form of football where the losing team was beheaded. good stuff.

  2. it didnt start in europe. a game involving kicking a ball was a form of entertainment for ancient chinese. the modern football game was of course a far cry from that. go watch discovery channel or use wikipedia/google.

  3. actually, the europeans called football socca for short. so thats how we got soccer. im not starting a fight just putting the facts out there. i didnt get why it was soccer before either, but thats why.

  4. in this case, soccer is the same thing as football..
    people like to call it football or soccer ?
    it doesnt really matter..

  5. Then I would be glad if you could tell me why it’s called “soccer” and what “soccer” means when “football” is used by everyone I’ve ever talked to, except Americans.

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