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Funny Japanese Game Show – The Crazy Marathon

000Zappeh000 asked:

Seriously, that’s one crazy marathon xD

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  1. is the white stuff some kind of chemical that burns their skin or is it really cocaine or is it something else like paint or something

  2. @FishermanPL Wasabi hottest sh*t ever! haha and they were munching down on them cause they were told that it was cream puffs. That why one of them got mad and why they all had to spit it out cause it is too hot.

  3. @VincentValentine678 , he said, “Why are you looking coldly on me? There was nothing for me to do except this!”

  4. japan got the lowiest crime rate compatre to the world maybe because they know how to relief stress and have fun even no money r invovle.

  5. Japanese do it for fun, Americans do it all for the win and fame. I choose Japan for fun. why be serious all the time? XD

  6. @VincentValentine678 The naked one said “Why are you looking at me like that? That was the only way for me to get it done” I guess he means that “accident” back then, hehe.

  7. I’m crying because of laughing so much. What did the guy say in the last part? I didn’t understand.

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