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funny japanese hairstyles #6

cookiemonstertyper asked: This video will show you how to style your hair like the cool Asian actors and pop stars in Japan, Korea, and China.

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  1. @suparpowers Just get somebody to use those strightner rigens on your hair! shit burn though. But it does your hair perfectly!

  2. @suparpowers Japanese hair straightening is permenant untill hair grows out and looks really good. It also works on any type of hair but its expencive

  3. in fact, there always need a hairstylist to make that kind of style for you, no way we can get that one beautiful done by ourselves, it usually looks a bit awkward.

    but anyway Gatsby is cool, i have like 2 types of it 🙂

  4. funny? i think this are the best kinds of hairstyle~~ i wish i could have such a hairstyle…

  5. hahah wen i went 2 Japan i bought like 5 things of gatsby wax for my bro and he duz his hair so awesomely..

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