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Funny japanese owl

smaniz asked:

Funny owl on bizarre japanese TV show. Btw if you think this owl video is funny, than check out the link below for a longer version. Its hilarious:

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  1. @smaniz You really are a fucking retard if you are acting like that just ’cause I don’t agree w/ you, & there was no mention about school @ all so why don’t you learn to pay attention but then again w/ your actions I would say that you are about 10 y.o. so what more can I expect.

  2. @smaniz It may be more entertaining but you are really making yourself out to be stupid.

  3. this is not a japanese owl. it is a scoop, eastern screech, or western screech. also, it is not even funny at all! it is awesome to me!

  4. @SqueLJ2010 we know its a white-faced scops-owl or otus leucotis but funny japanese owl just sounds more entertaining…

  5. That’s only one of its tricks. Northern white-faced owls have two defenses against threats, depending on whether they believe the threat is weak enough. Take a look at “transformer owl”.

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