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Japanese/Thai tea commerical with caterpillars

symstym asked:

Funny Japanese/Thai commercial.

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  1. at 0:35 when the baby caterpillar jumped off the dad’s back he would have fallen down because they were climbing the stalk

  2. @canonballXD uh, caterpillars dont really have kids now do they? since they’re babies themselves, and dont really lay eggs until they’re butterflies (or moths, depending on whatever) so…i guess it is a surprise?

  3. @jihojiho unif green tea is from thailand. just search at google and you will find the answer.

  4. this caterpillar takes care of his son?!
    He must love him very much T_T
    caterpillars don’t usual take car of its newborn it just leave it there

  5. ความทรงจำสับสน นึกว่าตอนแรกหนอนมันก็แพล่มเป็นภาษาไทย แค่มาชิเมโจด๊าย~~ เฉยๆ
    แอร๊ง น้องหนอนพ่อลูกโมเอ้อ่ะ XD!!
    ปีไหนน้อโฆษณาชิ้นนี้ ดูแล้วคิดถึง

  6. i still remember on this on tv when i was little i use to do that when i was little i did that to my bro and i steal his sandwitch good old times

  7. @magonlia2009 it is you who care. if you wouldn’t care, you wouldn’t write such a dumb comment. i didn’t hurt anyone, but you behave like a little child. grow up man. and yeah: sorry if i hurt your feelings. big LOL

  8. @pjotrkiller

    Thai and Japanese are not really similar. The caterpillars are speaking Japanese, so is the tea picker. The man at the end speaks Thai. The actual product that the advert is trying to sell is Unif Green Tea, which is a Thai product from a Thai company that also sells things like fruit juice.

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