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So funny library – Japan game TV show

alexksk asked:

Do you have play this in library with your friends

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  1. OMG one of da most hilarious vid ive seen!! xD to me the Slapping Machine and ”OId man bites tenderly” was best!!!

  2. I think the video is faked because nobody in the background is taking any notice of what they are doing, id be laughing at them.

  3. LOL
    I watched this vid like 10 times and i love the bad smell air!
    soooooooooooooo funny.
    I agree, they could’nt be in a real library, they were 2 loud!

  4. This is a Japanese show where you are not suppose to laugh. The black guy is Ernesto Hoost, who is a K1 fighter popular in Japan and he knows japanese since he fights there often. I love these guys they are so freakin funny. I believe the show is called Gaki no Tsukai. Check out their other video’s, they are great.

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